Mountain Trails Elementary

School Directory

Carl Stubbs Principal

[email protected]

Maura Smith Lead Secretary

STA SMITH MAURA_689 [email protected]

Tiffany Nielsen Office Assistant

[email protected]

Cherly Gahley

[email protected]

Annie Thompson

[email protected]

Debbie Fewkes

[email protected]

Leah Weber

STA WEBER LEAH_694 [email protected]

Heather Whitehead

STA WHITEHEAD HEATHER_697 [email protected]

Lynsie Timoteo

[email protected]

Tina Hollingshead

STA HOLLINGSHEAD TINA_667 [email protected]

Jamie Derfler

STA DERFLER JAMIE_655 [email protected]

Elaine Duke

[email protected]

Chelsey Hickenlooper

[email protected]

Janae Jakins

STA JAKINS JANAE_670 [email protected]

Brandon Parks

STA PARKS BRANDON_682 [email protected]

Shalyn Weber

STA WEBER SHALYN_695 [email protected]

Raychelle Later

STA LATER RAYCHELLE_676 [email protected]

Rebecca Millet

STA MILLET REBECCA_677 [email protected]

Alisha Boynton

STA BOYNTON ALISHA_648 [email protected]

Shantel Bernabeu

STA BERNABEU SHANTEL_645 [email protected]

Thomas Johnson

STA JOHNSON THOMAS_672 [email protected]

Kristy Busby

STA BUSBY KRISTY_650 [email protected]

Alisha Wade

Wade [email protected]

Brittany Reynolds

[email protected]

Ashley Allred

[email protected]

James Hansen

STA HANSEN JAMES_664 [email protected]

Jo Durrant

STA DURRANT JO_656 [email protected]

Gina Morgan

STA MORGAN GINA_679 [email protected]

Debra Berkley SGA Teacher

STA BERKLEY DEBRA_644 [email protected]

Arlene Erickson Speech

STA ERICKSON ARLENE_658 [email protected]

Michleene Johnson Reading Recovery Specialists

STA JOHNSON MICHLEEHE_671 [email protected]

Jenn Payne Reading Recovery Specialists

STA PAYNE JENN_683 [email protected]

Lora Isbell Resource

[email protected]

Christie Moore Resource


Rachel Hughes Art

STA HUGHES RACHEL_668 [email protected]

Suzanne Alexander PE

[email protected]

Sheila Nielson Librarian

STA NELSON SHEILA_680 [email protected]

Mandy Dejournett Nurse


Adam Perkins Occupational Therapist

Perkins [email protected]

Tami Gear Psychologist

STA GEAR TAMI_662 [email protected]

Larry White Computer Technician

STA WHITE LARRY_696 [email protected]

Jason Lewis Lead Custodian

[email protected]

Sean HansenLead Sweeper

[email protected]

Tonya Crosby Office Assistant

STA CROSBY TONYA_654 [email protected]

Melissa Barratt

[email protected]

Stacy Freeman

STA FREEMAN STACY_660 [email protected]

Marty Chidester

STA CHIDESTER MARTHA_651 [email protected]

Jodi Wade Account Tech

[email protected]

Melanie Straw

[email protected]

Mountain Trails: Blazing a Trail of Leadership and Learning