Mountain Trails Elementary


Please join the PTA to become a member of the Mountain Trails Elementary PTA!  The cost is $6.

For more information email: [email protected]

PTA Information:
Look for information about the school and the PTA on the PTA’s Blog and Facebook Page. Click on the links below
Mountain Trails  Facebook Page

Agendas and Minutes From Previous Meetings
PTA Meeting March 2013
PTA Meeting Aug 8, 2013
PTA Agenda August 2013
PTA Agenda September 2013
PTA Meeting Nov 13, 2013
PTA Meeting December 2013
PTA Meeting January 2013
PTA Agenda January 2014
PTA Agenda February 2014
PTA Agenda March 2014
PTA Meeting March 2014

Mountain Trails: Blazing a Trail of Leadership and Learning