Mountain Trails Elementary

Principal’s Page

Dear Parents,

Mountain Trails is a wonderful place to learn.  Every morning when I walk through the doors of the school it feels good to be a part of something that makes such a difference in the lives of kids.  Greeting your children as they come each morning is a privilege and opportunity to which I look forward.  Thank you for sending your child each day and for trusting us with that most precious part of you.

We have wrapped up initial assessments and our first Parent/Teacher Conferences.  Thank you so much to both teachers and parents for coming together for those few short minutes to discuss the success for each child.  That partnership is unstoppable in its influence for good and I commend all those you were able to participate with us.  If you were not able to meet your child’s teacher, please be open when the teacher approaches you about alternate ways to discuss the progress your student is making.

I wanted to mention a couple of safety items regarding school arrival and departure.  We have launched a “Click-it” program in partnership with Primary Children’s Hospital to encourage the use of seat belts every time you get in a car.  We will be taking surveys randomly throughout the year to see just how many of our students and their families are using seatbelts appropriately.  Please join us in “clicking-it” each time you get in your car.  Secondly, for those who ride bikes we remind you of the importance of staying on the sidewalk areas and walking your bike on school grounds.  Parents, please talk to your biking students about staying on designated paths rather than the roadways all the way to and from the school.  There have been several concerned parents who have called the school to report large groups of students riding bikes down the middle of the Major Street.

We are committed at Mountain Trails Elementary to serving all of the students and families in our community.  Please watch for ways you can be involved in your student’s education in any way from reading every night at home to volunteering in class or in some other function at the school.  Great things are going on every day.  Watch the calendar on the website for information of special programs and events and thank you for your continued support.

We’re Mountain Trails:  Blazing a Trail of Leadership and Learning… ….whatever it takes!

David Turner, Principal

Mountain Trails: Blazing a Trail of Leadership and Learning