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February 17, 2017
Dear Future Frontier Student:

We at Frontier are excited that you will be joining us next year as a 7th grader. To help with your transition and registration we have arranged for all of our future 7th graders to come to Frontier Middle School for an orientation and assembly. This will take place on March 10th at 9:30 a.m. in the Frontier auditorium. Students from our feeder schools will be bused to Frontier.

This orientation is for students only. In the past, parents have attended if they wanted, however, because of the number of students this year and the size of the auditorium we will not be able to accommodate both.
This meeting is an orientation, NOT registration. Students will bring home information about registration which will take place the following week. Parents, please look for the white envelope in your student’s backpack

The registration packet will be sent home with you after you attend the orientation assembly on March 10th. This packet will include a registration form, a list of class descriptions, immunization requirements, and other information that will help in this process.

Registration night for all incoming 7th grade students will be Tuesday, March 14th from 3-6:00 pm. If all paper work is filled out, your registration should be completed within ½ hour.

For your information, there have been changes in immunization requirements for 7th grade students. All incoming 7th grade students will need a TDap Booster, 2 Varicella, and 1 Meningococcal immunization. You can visit our website at for updated information. Please note that immunizations need to be complete before the first day of school for 2017-2018.

For those interested, Accelerated Math Testing will happen after registration on March 22nd and 23rd. More information including a registration link will be in the packet handed out after the assembly.

Again, we are excited about this opportunity and look forward to you joining us next year. If you have questions, please call 801.610.8776 and ask for Mrs. Hunt or Mrs. Leth.

See you soon!
Frontier Counseling Department

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